Burlington, and surrounding area, is home to dozens of accomplished, published authors, poets, writers, booksellers, and countless lovers of the written word.  WORD features interviews with them all.  Let's celebrate the creative talent that lies within reach.  Please support local writers by buying their work - at a local bookstore.  

At the same time, check out all the fabulous features that the Burlington Public Library system (now celebrating its 150th Anniversary) offers all Burlington residents.

Recent Episodes

Jamie Tennant - 'River, Diverted', An expat novel that pushes boundaries and keeps you turning pages. Tennant's version of Japan is a place where the drinks flow, the monsters are real, and grief is never far from the surface.

Mark Coakley - 'Murder Bugs: A Love Story', a twist-filled crime thriller about an entomologist helping the police solve a series of horrific killings by insects.